About Nordic Fitness Walking

"Nordic Fitness Walking" is located in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, and offers Nordic Walking through a variety of programmes and activities within a circumference of over 60 miles around Inverness.

Nordic Walking is accessible to people of all abilities, and with correct technique will shape, tone, and accelerate your fitness goals.  It is an integral part of our unique Health and Fitness programmes, which are endorsed by :-

  • NHS health professionals
  • Fitness professonals
  • The British Heart Foundation
  • Weight Watchers
  • Age UK

Nordic Fitness Walking receive referrals from :-

  • physiotherapists
  • medical centres
  • health clubs
  • public and private sector businesses and organisations.



See how your diet and lifestyle compare with the rest of the UK. 

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Weight Management - The Best Science Based Programme Available!

European Clinical Studies at the University of Ulm, Germany, have shown our weight-management nutrition programme to be 200% more effective than conventional dieting.

Nordic Walking combines cardio and resistance exercise suitable for people of all abilities.The perfect exercise regime for weight-management and fitness. Independent research has also shown that Nordic Walking is more effective than walking, swimming, or cycling for cardio-resistance training.

Fitness Training

Nordic Walking owes its success as the world's fastest growing fitness activity to the professional cross-country skiers in Finland who recognised its effectiveness for cardio and resistance training.

Our fitness programme includes the option to combine Nordic Fitness Walking with highly successful nutriton programme. This perfect combination gets unparalleled results for fitness training,health, and weight management.


      Denys McNair, Principal Instructor

      Accredited Nordic Walking UK Instructor           
      Nordic Walking Exercise & Fitness Instructor 
      Coach: Coaching Highland, Inverness
      Sports Injury First Aid Certified
      Sports & Weight-Management Nutrition Advisor