Works 90% of your muscles!

There are two ways that you can prove the effectiveness of Nordic Walking as a whole body workout.

  1. Apply the correct technique and you will feel the muscles in your upper body 'burn'.
  2. A Heart Rate Monitor will show that with apparently less effort or energy, your heart rate is faster when Nordic Walking, than ordinary walking.

The amazing thing is that the 'perceived' exertion of Nordic Walking is less than ordinary brisk walking! Whereas the reality is that you use more muscles and burn more calories.

If you run with Nordic Walking poles you feel almost like you are floating on air as you run over grass, sand and snow......and.....when running over rough terrain it is so easy to change direction and avoid small obstacles in your path.

You can further add to the effectiveness of a Nordic Walking Fitness Programme by incorporating the "Nordic Walking Gym" (Available to purchase. Please call 07808-767-548 for more information) :-