Map & Compass Navigation

Don't have a GPS device or phone? Then learn to navigate using a map and compass.

Map Reading & Compass Navigation

Helpful Ordnance Survey (OS) videos can be found here

An excellent OS Map Reading pdf suitable for children can be downloaded here

An OS Map Reading pdf for Beginners to Advanced can be downloaded here

A useful OS pdf on understanding Map Symbols on OS Explorer 1:25000 maps can be downloaded here

Understanding Map Symbols on OS Landranger 1:50000 maps can be downloaded here

This Video by Silva (a main manufacturer of Compasses, provides clear instructions on How to Use a Compass with a Map:-


Even if you do have a GPS device, it is essential to be able to navigate by map and compass in case your GPS device fails to work because of a flat battery, technical fault or you lose your device on your journey.

Essential Mountain Craft Skills

Learning map reading and compass navigation is essential to anyone venturing into the hills.

It can also be a life-saver to leave details of your route with someone who can call Mountain Rescue or the Emergency Services should you or your party fail to return home.

Survival Skills

The definitive SAS Survival Handbook pdf can be downloaded here (be patient when downloading this manual, its a big file of 750+ pages!).

The SAS Urban Survival Handbook is also a useful resource.