Try Nordic Walking! - Taster Session & Beyond

A 'Taster' session lasts 1 hour and introduces participants to basic Nordic Walking technique.

 ** In the interest of Health & Safety all participants are required to complete a Personal Activity Readiness Questionnaire.**

More about PARQ here Download a copy of PARQ here.

By the end of the Taster session participants will have experienced:-
  • the benefit of Nordic Walking compared with other forms of exercise.
  • the benefits of Nordic Walking for weight-management or fitness training.
  • how Nordic Walking takes the pressure off the knees and strengthens the lower back and neck.
  • the difference and distinctive benefits of using specially designed Nordic Walking poles.
  • the enjoyment of participating as part of a Nordic Walking group.


A Nordic Walking Taster Session consists of the following:-
  • Gentle warm up exercises
  • Instruction
  • Walk
  • Relaxing stretching exercises

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Beyond The Nordic Walking Taster

Nordic Walking with correct technique has more health benefits than other popular forms of exercise such as swimming, cycling , or jogging. Nordic Walking is a total body workout for people of all abilities and is an enjoyable and fun way of walking further, and faster, whilst feeling less fatigue than ordinary walking.

You can Learn Nordic Walking in greater depth by attending a course in Nordic Walking Progressive Technique, either over 4 sessions, or over a 4 month period on our competitively priced Subscription which allows participation at all Nordic Walking Events up to 1.5 hours per session. (More info at Nordic Walking Programmes).