Plan Your Own Walks - Online Ordnance Survey 'Sytematic Maps'

Use 'Systematic Maps' to plan your own Nordic Walk.

This excellent Ordnance Survey 'Open Source' reference tool provides everything that you need to:-

  • locate a 1:25,000 map for your specified location
  • plan your route using NH map co-ordinates or Latitude/Longitude
  • upload a GPX file ready to load map co-ordinates into your GPS device
  • view a weather forcast summary for your region

If you do not have a GPS phone or device then you may wish to use a compass to plan your route.

If navigation with map and compass is new to you, then have a look at the video here

or try this Ordnance Survey resource and learn how to take a map bearing, OS Compass If you choose to complete the online test and do so successfully, you can print your own certificate of achievement.