What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking is much more than just walking with specially designed poles. With the correct technique you use over 90% of your muscles to propel your body forwards. As a result you walk further faster, with apparently less effort, and feel more energised than ordinary walking! Nordic Walking will improve your general fitness, and will also accelerate your progress when integrated as part of a fitness programme.

It was professional cross-country skiers in Finland who discovered the benefit of training with their ski poles during the summer months.Building upon the success of Finland, Germany developed Nordic Walking into the fastest growing sports activity in the world, with an estimated 10 million Nordic Walkers in Germany alone!

Nordic Walking is also catching on in the UK as featured on the BBC in the video below:-



Nordic Walking is for Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday!

Everyone can Nordic Walk, everywhere, everyday: In the countryside or in town, through forest trails, up mountains, on the beach, around your work day, alone or with friends. And if you are feeling emotionally drained, Nordic Walking helps you feel positive, energised, and better able to respond to the demands of life and relationships.

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Exercise Anywhere!

Nordic Walking poles are portable and lightweight. LEKI Carbon Traveller Nordic Walking Poles can easily fit into a suitcase when going on holiday without being penalised by airlines for excess baggage or weight! Most importantly Nordic Walking poles add a new dimension to walking. Not only is Nordic Walking fun, but with the right technique you go further, faster, over the most rugged terrain, and you benefit from a whole body workout!

Mountain bikes can transport you over a wide variety of terrain, but they do not give access to all terrain, and they are cumbersome to transport.

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The following video demonstrates routines that can be incorporated into an exercise session by including, double-poling, skating, running, leaping, bounding, and skipping.

(There is some Italian dialogue at the beginning of the video, but don't let that put you off as it demonstrates a variety of ways in which Nordic Walking poles can be used for cardio-resistance fitness training).

The correct technique includes, correct posture and arm swing, and placement and push-off with the poles. Also, pushing off with the foot, rotating from the waist, contracting the tricep muscles and using the core muscles and buttocks to propel the body forward.

Whilst Nordic Walking is an all ability activity, it can be a very intense fitness activity that delivers a full-body workout!





Get in Shape! - Stay in Shape! - Feel Great!

If you can walk then you can Nordic Walk, and you don't have to be a fitness junkie to enjoy this whole body workout! Nordic Walking is for everybody of every ability, and helps you get into shape, stay in shape, and feel great!

With the correct technique you propel yourself along by using your upper body as well as your legs. Your upper body uses the poles to add momentum to your stride, toning muscles and burning fat as you walk or run. So, if you want to lose weight and feel great then Nordic Walking is exactly what you are looking for:-

  • Nordic Walking is fun!
  • burn over 46% more calories.
  • uses 90% of your muscles & combines cardio with resistance exercise.
  • cardio exercise strengthens your heart.
  • resistance exercise builds muscle, burns fat.

*** Nordic Walking works best when accompanied by a Healthy Weight Management programme. ***

More Energised!

People who Nordic Walk will often remark that they could continue for hours long after others have completed a conventional walk and are feeling weary. Nordic Walking leaves you feeling refreshed  and invigorated, and as your fitness levels improve you may find that you want to run with your poles............ which takes you to another level!




Nordic Walking is Therapeutic

Nordic Walking not only develops the large muscle groups of upper and lower body, it also develops the smaller muscles that help with posture, and balance, which is why many find Nordic Walking therapeutic and remedial exercise for relieving tension in the muscles of the lower back, shoulders, and neck.  Nordic Walking is such an effective all-round fitness activity with so many health benefits.

Nordic Walking Helps Prevent Disease!

Good nutrition and regular exercise reduces the risk of disease. The World Health Organisation Report shows that over 70% of Doctor's appointments and over 50% of cancers are associated with diet and lifestyle issues. There is also known to be a close connection between high levels of obesity and Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. Nordic Walking is excellent exercise for people with a wide range of health issues including Type 2 or Type 1 Diabetes.

Glide Effortlessly Over All Terrain

At a good level of fitness running with Nordic Walking poles is a most satisfying experience as you glide effortlessly over rough terrain, or sand, snow or ice. As you master the technique you find that you can maintain a fast pace and use your poles skillfully to swerve, pivot, and leap over obstacles such as tree roots, branches, rocks, and ruts in forest tracks and paths. Even hills and steep climbs and descents are negotiated with ease.